Saturday, 28 November 2009

Finally!! The story of my major project !!! Shedding the Skin...!!

The narrative is that of a young woman's journey from her life in Tehran to the wholly different atmosphere of the village of Abyaneh.

She finds the city increasingly artificial and impersonal, and longs for something more authentic and communal. Instead of a pace of life dictated by external pressures and stresses, she wants her life to find a calmer rhythm. Rather than a life spent hurrying between closed doors, she seeks a shared space. She wants to find acceptance, not ambition. She rejects the facades of social conformity and regulation that dominate city life, and embraces the organic traditions that determine life in the village. To achieve this she sheds the skin a young woman needs to survive in a city such as Tehran, and in doing so enables herself to be able to feel and sense the world around her in a fresh and enticing way.


  1. what did Itai say about it? glad you found the idea ))

  2. He loved it though! tnx a lot for ur help hon!
    He really liked the Location (Abyaneh village) as well!
    I'm lookin forward for next tutorial wid him!!

  3. well done Shiva. I hope your visit back home will go very smoothly and you will create pictures so close to your heart. Lots of love. x x

  4. good luck with all your project Shiva. i reckon that you will do it very well!!! Im loving your approach, it's fresh, personal and interesting...

    big kisses