Wednesday, 30 December 2009


I did all the styling by my-self and I am so happy with the results !!!!! ;D


Saturday, 28 November 2009

Finally!! The story of my major project !!! Shedding the Skin...!!

The narrative is that of a young woman's journey from her life in Tehran to the wholly different atmosphere of the village of Abyaneh.

She finds the city increasingly artificial and impersonal, and longs for something more authentic and communal. Instead of a pace of life dictated by external pressures and stresses, she wants her life to find a calmer rhythm. Rather than a life spent hurrying between closed doors, she seeks a shared space. She wants to find acceptance, not ambition. She rejects the facades of social conformity and regulation that dominate city life, and embraces the organic traditions that determine life in the village. To achieve this she sheds the skin a young woman needs to survive in a city such as Tehran, and in doing so enables herself to be able to feel and sense the world around her in a fresh and enticing way.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Location of me shootin!

Here is where I want to shoot more than a half of my Major Project in.

Abyaneh is a beautiful historic village at the foot of Karkass mountain 70 km to the southeast of Kashan and 40 km to Natanz. This is a village of living traditions,architectural styles (all in red clay), and probably the most interesting example of human adaptation to nature, wherein one can transcend thboundaries of time and space and experience the ancient civilization and culture of Iran. The village is compact, with narrow and sloped lanes, and houses located on the slope as if placed on a stairway. Here, the roofs of some houses are used to serve as the courtyard for other houses higher up on the slope. The language spoken by the literate people of Abyaneh is Parthian Pahlavi. They are deeply committed to honoring their traditions. No matter how well-educated a person from Abyaneh might be, he or she puts on the traditional Abyaneh costume on coming back to the village from anywhere in Iran. The women's traditional costume consisting of a scarf with floral motifs and pleated pants, is particularly attractive. The Abyaneh woman is unseparably attached to her wedding gown inherited from her mother, and is expected to pass it on to her daughter. It bears Such an intrinsic value for her that she wouldn't sell it at any price.

(These photos r taken from google... not my shots thou!)

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Back to the beginning !!

After my presentation on Thursday, I decided to get back to where I was 3 weeks ago and start researchin all over againnnnnnnn!!
So, my dissertation will be about:

Fashion and Violence; Representation and Reality

This title suggests that the work will deal with how the fashion industry uses and exploits very stylised representations of violence in its imagery, in contrast to Iran, where wearing or not wearing certain items of clothing can lead to real violence against the person.

Monday, 2 November 2009

My Anorexic Mind!

I am going to write about: "Do media images affect body satisfaction?"

It includes:

  • Body image
  • celebrity worship and body image
  • Eating Disorders - Anorexics
  • supper skinny celebs ...