Wednesday, 30 December 2009



  1. I am so glad that I risked and did half of my project in Tehran without permission!!

    I spent a week, almost in every governmental office in Tehran to get permission to do my major project, I even lied and pretended that I am shooting some tests for a movie "....." but still no good news!!

    So I started shooting my project without permission, with the highest self confidence ever!!! as when a policeman came to ask what I am doing in the street with camera and model .... I looked at him like he is a fool!! and what a foolish question to ask!!! I replied that I am photographer of "...." company and I am taking some shots for their adverts!!! LOL!!! He believed me I believe, as he did not ask me to show my Id card or the permission letter ...!!!
    I took 7 shots out of 15 for my major project and I will be taking the rest over Easter holiday!
    Miss u all
    and hope u like my final major project!

  2. good job shiva! so pleased you just went for it, as it paid off :) xxxx

  3. :)
    Tnx a lot love. It is so great to c my friends care abt me and my project :)
    wish u all the bestsssss lovely Hayley!

  4. WOW!! Shiva you are so BRAVE!!!!