Saturday, 20 February 2010

(Research 4 da 2nd half of my project) Editorial by patrick demarchelier

The interesting thing about these images is the juxtaposition of the world of high fashion photography with depictions of life in a village in India – a setting chosen because it has almost no connection with the subject and purpose of the photographs. The different levels of interaction between the different worlds give these photographs energy and curiosity. They also raise questions about the nature and value of fashion, and whether it can relate to human experience at different levels. The contrast between the two worlds, which coexist in these pictures, also manages to reveal insights into each world without stating these notions explicitly.


  1. I remember this shoot. I could never quite get it. The pictureas are great and the styling and use of the background. But I always feel that shoots like this "use" others pople real life to produce "exotic" background. Or maybe thets my dissertation speaking :)

  2. I love these kind of shoots! using real life and makin the most of it and showin it in the best way possible! love the use of colorsssss and different emotions of peoples as second models in BG ....!!
    That's what i'm trying to get in my second half of my project in Abyaneh. havin them in photo shoot makes every thing make sense!!!!! ;D they give life to the boring posei /artificial lookin of model by herself!!! I don kno if u get my point or not!!! heheheh!! ;D
    but tnx for the comment lov its always great to hear second opinion hon xxx

  3. I see what you mean. You want to take the life from normal people an dgive it to the life-less model :))
    Shiva your a nice persone that beleives in Ideals so I know that you mran only good things. All I wanted to say is that the real industry seems to use the "etnical" locations and the people as interesting background. With you its different as you are there-this is your home your land your people and what you do is reflect on it threw your pictures and not use it fro marketing puropse and to sell. LOV x